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3 Ways Quitting Smoking Can Change Your Life Forever – Dr. Eugene Gu Speaks Out

“Quitting smoking can change your life for the better in so many ways,” urges Dr. Eugene Gu. “From saving money to improving your health to giving you more time in the day…It may be easier to ask how quitting won’t improve your life.”

Dr. Eugene Gu is the CEO and co-founder of Cool Quit, a startup company focused on helping people who want to quit smoking. “We offer free smoking cessation counseling as well as coronavirus screening and evaluations – all through telemedicine,” Eugene Gu tells us. “As a doctor, I am a passionate believer in striving to improve your health. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health.”

Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Health in as Little as a Few Minutes Says Dr. Eugene Gu

“In as little as twenty minutes after your last cigarette, your heart rate and your blood pressure drop, and your circulation may begin to improve,” says Dr. Eugene Gu. “Within twelve hours of not having a cigarette, your body is able to cleanse itself of the excess carbon monoxide you’re introducing to it. This increases your body’s oxygen levels and you’ll feel more alert and better able to breathe.” 

In addition, after just one day of not smoking, your risk of heart attack decreases and after two days your sense of taste and smell may improve as damaged nerves repair themselves. 

“There is no part of your body that is not invaded and damaged by smoking,” warns Dr. Eugene Gu. “But the good news is, you start to heal as soon as you finish that last cigarette.”

Quit Smoking to Save Time Advises Dr. Eugene Gu 

“The average smoker takes about 5 minutes to smoke their cigarette,” says Dr. Eugene Gu. “If you smoke a pack a day, you’re smoking for about an hour every day. That’s an hour you could be watching a new episode of your favorite show, starting an exercise routine, reading a book, or doing a craft project – whatever you love doing best, you’ll have more time for it once you quit smoking.”

Of course, quitting smoking can also save you time in an even wider sense. “Smoking is terrible for you. I’ll just say it. You are shaving years off of your life when you smoke regularly. But when you quit, you can add between 4 and 9 years to your life. That’s almost a decade of time you are going to lose otherwise,” says Dr. Eugene Gu. “Imagine what you could do with an extra nine years.”

Keep Your Family Safe and Quit Smoking Says Dr. Eugene Gu

“I find that often when my patients can’t quit for themselves, they can quit for their children, their friends, or their family,” says Dr. Gu. Secondhand smoke kills just as quickly as smoking directly does, and exposing children or people with weak lungs to secondhand smoke increases their risk of lung cancer and other health problems greatly.  

“Smoking improves very little in your life, and it takes away a great deal,” says Dr. Eugene Gu. “Quit now, and get your life and your health back.”

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