Dr. Eugene Gu

Doctor Eugene Gu Discusses How Cool Quit Can Help Smokers Quit Affordably

Dr. Eugene Gu recently discussed how Cool Quit can help smokers quit affordably and for good.

Tobacco addiction has been a societal issue for nearly 100 years. The addiction starts young and remains throughout life for many smokers. However, smoking is a trend that’s on the downfall, and if you’re willing to quit, a number of resources are available to help. Dr. Eugene Gu is a co-founder and CEO of the medical startup company Cool Quit, and he recently discussed how the company helps smokers quit in a way that’s effective and affordable.

Dr. Eugene Gu stated that the goal of Cool Quit is to offer the assistance people need to stop smoking for an affordable cost, or in many cases, absolutely free. Dr. Eugene Gu explained that smokers simply apply on the CoolQuit.com website to join the program. Once approved, the Cool Quit program provides multiple healthcare provider visits, to ensure the smoker gets all of the resources they need. Dr. Eugene Gu added that these visits are free with zero co-payments under most health insurance policies. The Cool Quit team helps smokers understand what they need to do and how to do it with little to no cost.

Dr. Eugene Gu emphasized that the goal of Cool Quit is to make quitting as affordable as possible, so smokers don’t see it as another financial setback. The company helps smokers receive free medications, inhalers, nicotine patches, and other products through their health insurance policies. Dr. Eugene Gu and Cool Quit will also help the uninsured find the lowest prices on medications, nicotine patches, and more.

The goal is to fit the treatment within the smoker’s budget, whether they have insurance or not. Medications and smoking cessation products can also be delivered directly to the smoker’s home. That means no more embarrassing trips to the store to purchase nicotine patches and other smoking cessation items. 

Dr. Eugene Gu explained the help doesn’t stop there. He and his team are on a mission to halt the health problems related to smoking. Dr. Eugene Gu stated that many insurance policies don’t cover smoking cessation products and services after six months. That’s why the Cool Quit company offers the same services for a small, budget-friendly monthly fee. Dr. Eugene Gu explained that this is because the Cool Quit team knows quitting takes longer than six months for many people, and that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. Cool Quit offers another application to waive this fee for those who don’t have health insurance policies. 

Dr. Eugene Gu encourages anyone interested in quitting the harmful habit of smoking to visit the Cool Quit website. The application process is easy and the resources are invaluable. Quitting smoking is a major step toward protecting yourself against cancer and living a higher quality life. 

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