Dr. Eugene Gu
Dr. Eugene Gu

Dr. Eugene Gu Improves Health at a Distance Through CoolQuit Website

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 19, 2020 / — Below, we cover how the CoolQuit website created by Dr. Eugene Gu helps civilians across the country improve their health through telemedicine.

Physician and scientist Dr. Eugene Gu, MD graduated from Stanford University with honors in 2008 and continued his education at the Duke University School of Medicine where he graduated in 2015. During his education. Dr. Gu was also awarded two consecutive Howard Hughes Medical Institute research fellowships.

Today, among additional duties as a researcher and physician, Dr. Eugene Gu is the CEO and co-founder of the medical startup company CoolQuit. The company, available to people through an online website and portal, offers counseling, medical screening, and evaluations using telemedicine. The team of physicians behind CoolQuit delivers services and medical monitoring devices free of charge through most Medicare PPO plans.

Through his website, Dr. Eugene Gu supplies colon cancer screening at home, which he recommends for anyone between 50 and 75 years of age. The home testing kits rely on advanced methods that are 92% effective at detecting colon cancer. The site also offers diabetes monitoring and treatment through blood glucose monitoring devices that send critical information back to physicians like Dr. Eugene Gu. From there, they monitor and adjust medications to fit patient needs and can intervene if devices pick up on dangerous glucose levels.

CoolQuit also monitors accidents and falls, which is an especially useful resource for geriatric citizens who may live on their own. Through monitoring watches, Dr. Eugene Gu and other medical professionals can oversee patients’ heart rates and receive live updates if the rates reach concerning levels. The devices also allow patients to call their emergency contacts in the event of a fall.

Dr. Gu and his team also developed devices for monitoring high blood pressure as well as fever and pulse oximetry. For high blood pressure monitoring, devices keep track of patients’ blood pressure and adjust their medications appropriately. For fever and pulse oximetry monitoring, CoolQuit offers smart thermometers and pulse oximeters that send temperatures and oxygen saturation information to their team of physicians.

Through CoolQuit, people also have access to a tailored medical weight loss program, helping stave off conditions like heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, and stroke. The service provides free smart scales that send daily weights to the physicians as well as necessary prescriptions for weight loss. CoolQuit also offers a general prescription refill program for those who may be unable to travel to pharmacies.

“We’ve also pioneered a smoking cessation program headed by physicians who specialize in treating tobacco addiction and provide cessation counseling, monitoring tools, and prescription medications,” says Dr. Eugene Gu. “All in all, CoolQuit furnishes a well-rounded health monitoring and improvement program that benefits civilians on many levels and relies on telemedicine to get the job done.”

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