Dr. Eugene Gu
Dr. Eugene Gu

Dr. Eugene Gu Shares Secrets to Quitting Smoking that Have Made his Practice Successful

Dr. Eugene Gu, founder of Cool Quit, shares proven techniques to help anyone and everyone quite smoking.

Smoking and tobacco use has been a longstanding issue for many Americans accounting for countless deaths. Finding ways to quit has proven difficult for many, leading to a lifelong struggle for better health and a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Eugene Gu‘s innovative program has seen success helping Americans finally beat their addiction and move on to a better, healthier life.

The secret to Dr. Eugene Gu‘s success is combining medical expertise with modern technology. He leverages social media to circulate information about smoking and other public health topics, knowing that many people consume more information through social media than any other channel.

Dr. Eugene Gu also takes advantage of telehealth appointments to provide care to people without requiring them to leave their homes or even be in the same city as him. This allows him to reach a larger patient base and help people regardless of geographic location. Dr. Euegene Gu knows that the best support is the support that is easy to access when it’s really needed. That’s why telehealth appointments that allow people to communicate with healthcare professionals from home are so important.

Modern technology offers lots of options that can really help people struggling to quit smoking. Dr. Eugene Gu‘s secret to success is putting together the right combination of those technologies with the years of medical advances to help people remain motivated and reach milestones on their journey to quitting tobacco use. Dr. Eugene Gu‘s techniques offer new hope for people who may have tried other smoking cessation programs in the past without success.

Cool Quit addresses more than just smoking and tobacco cessation. Dr. Eugene Gu has expanded services to include screening and treatments for a number of conditions, like colon cancer screening, diabetes monitoring, high blood pressure monitoring, and medical weight loss treatment. The services are covered by insurance in many cases, meaning patients pay little or nothing for the services.

Dr.Eugene Gu is dedicated to using emerging technology to help people quit smoking and access other medical care. His techniques became even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic when demand for telehealth appointments and other online services increased exponentially. To respond to the pandemic Dr. Eugene Gu developed a plan to provide at-home COVID-19 tests, a product that fits perfectly with the suites of offerings from Cool Quite.

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